dimanche 6 mai 2007

Martel : Panoramic

(to click on the photograph, to see the panoramic one into large)

Martel en Quercy est située au nord-ouest du Lot, en plein cœur du causse qui porte son nom, dans le Haut Quercy. À 5 km de la rivière Dordogne, Martel se situe aux croisées de trois régions : Midi-Pyrénées - Limousin - Aquitaine, à proximité de Rocamadour, Souillac, Saint-Céré, Carennac, Brive-la-Gaillarde, Collonges-la-Rouge, Turenne, Sarlat, Eyrignac, et du gouffre de Padirac.
(Source Encyclopedie Wikipedia)

Martel in Quercy is located at the North-West of the Batch, in full heart of the causse which bears its name, in High Quercy. At 5 km of the Dordogne river, Martel is located at cross of three areas: The Midday-Pyrenees - the Limousin - Aquitaine, near Rocamadour, Souillac, Saint-Céré, Carennac, Brive-the-Strapping woman, Collonges-the-Red, Turenne, Sarlat, Eyrignac, and of the pit of Padirac.

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Kala a dit…

WOW!!! This panoramic is soooooo awesome!! AMAZING image!

Meg in Nelson a dit…

Like Kala said, how absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! So, we can expect to see all these buildings in detail in future?

Do people live in these old stone buildings still?